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I'm Shana! I'm a food photographer.

My photography journey budded in California with the love of taking portraits and admiration of photojournalism. I trekked my way to Arizona, where I met my then boyfriend and cultivated a love of food photography. My boyfriend turned into my amazing husband, he got an offer and together, we've landed in the beautiful state of Oregon!

Food. There's so much culture in and surrounding food. We bond over food whether it's during a date, weekly brunch with friends, families gather during holidays--we teach the younger generations how to make something that was passed down to us. 

Food is art. To master the complexity between flavors & texture is amazing. The desire to capture how I feel about food is what I strive for. 


I have an A.S. in Photography Professional Practices from Fresno City College and a B.S. in Photography with an emphasis in Studio from Northern Arizona University.


Published in Asians in the City Booklet 2016, Art & Life Interview with Voyage Phoenix Magazine 2019 & 2020, Prescott Woman Magazine April | May 2020.


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